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A Notice to Dodson’s ProHEC1 and ProHEC2 Users:

As of 7/1/2003, Dodson will no longer provide support for ProHEC1 and ProHEC2. These DOS programs have been replaced by our HydroPro for Windows program and is included with our ProHEC-CD package.

Problems when running DOS based
programs in Windows

Important: Solution for running DOS programs with current operating systems and PC's:


Dodson offers the following step-by-step instructions to help you solve your Technical Support problems. If you are not familiar with Dodson's technical support policy, please take a moment and review the Levels of Support we provide.

HydroCALC Hydraulics for Windows (Level 2 Support)

ProHEC-CD Programs:

  • HEC-RAS (Level 2 Support)

  • HEC-HMS (Level 2 Support)

  • HEC-1 (Level 2 Support)

  • HEC-2 (Level 2 Support)

  • All other programs included on CD (Basic Support)

Hydro-CD Programs: (Basic Support)

Seminar on CDs  (Basic Support)

Levels of Technical Support

Please Note: All Technical Support is provided via email only (no phone support).

Provided with all products distributed by Dodson

Provided with purchase of product

Consulting Services

Basic Technical Support

Provided with all products distributed by Dodson, includes:

Software installation, running of example problems supplied with software, and document viewing problems.

Level 2 Technical Support

Please Note: Support is provided only for the most current version of program.

Provided with purchase of ProHEC-CD and HydroCalc Hydraulics, includes support for:



  • HydroPro for Windows (HEC-1 and HEC-2)

All error messages and use of program questions that can be answered by our technical support or engineering staff from descriptive information provided with support request without having to review actual project files.

Level 3 Technical Support

Consulting Services provided for...



Project debugging and review along with advice on basic modeling techniques that requires the installation of specific project files by our staff to determine a solution or offer suggestions. Our technical support consulting fees are $155/hr with a minimum of  1 hour, and are billable in half hour increments after the first hour. There will be no charge for any request that can’t be resolved, or if an unknown program error is found.

Additional Consulting Services Offered:

  • In-house training
  • Data preparation
  • Project specific modeling questions

If you would like a quote on our consulting services, please contact us at:

Email Dodson Software Services

Please include program name and description of services needed.

Technical Support Procedure

Step #1: Program Installation and Document Viewing Problems -

Check to see if the LATEST VERSION is installed properly and if you have successfully run several of the example projects installed with the program.

Step #2 - Submitting Technical Support Request for HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, HEC-1, HEC-2 (Level 2 Support) or installation and document viewing problems for all other programs (Basic Support).

Send the following information :

SUBJECT: Technical Support for (program name)

BODY OF MESSAGE must include the following:

  • Your Name

  • Company Name

  • Phone Number

  • City, State or Country

  • Windows Operating System?

  • Program Name & Version #

  • Description and details of problem including all error and warning messages.

NOTE: If attaching files they must be ZIPPED into one single file...

Send above information to Dodson Software Services