Hands-on Guides and Workshops included with ProHEC-CD...  

The Hands-On Workshops were developed by Dodson's engineering staff for use in seminars presented by Dodson.  They include step by step instructions and all necessary project files. 

Hands-On HEC-HMS: The purpose of these workshops is to walk you through the process of setting up a detailed model in HEC-HMS. The project is located on the San Jacinto River watershed above present day Lake Houston. We will begin our investigation before construction of both Lake Houston and Lake Conroe. At the end of the series, we will be evaluating the effects of Lake Conroe Dam on the watershed. In the final workshop, you will create a second project and model a watershed with both existing and proposed development, and mitigate the impacts cause by the development. The workshop will also illustrate how to perform various calculations not supported by HEC-HMS.

HMS Workshop Topics -

1.) Constructing the Element Network

2.) Hypothetical Frequency Rainfall & Composite Weighted-Average Rainfall

3.) Loss Function Parameters

4.) Unit Hydrograph Parameters

5.) Stream Flow Routing Workshop

6.) Reservoir Routing

7.) Hydrograph Comparison and Basin Parameter Calibration

8.) Urban Drainage System Design

9.) Reservoir Routing With Outlet Structures Workshop

10.) Dam Break Analysis Workshop


Hands-On HEC-RAS: The purpose of these workshops is to walk you through the process of creating and executing a detailed model in HEC-RAS. These workshops will recreate several of the example problems found in the HEC-RAS Applications Guide. All of the examples in the Applications Guide are complete models. This does not allow the HEC-RAS student to practice entering the data and really get familiar with the program interface. We have “un-finished” several of these examples and then recreated the steps outlined in the Applications Guide to give you a good hands-on introduction to the program. Although we will be dealing with models of very small stream systems, the steps used are exactly the same as when dealing with very large complex systems.

RAS Workshop Topics -

1.) Basic HEC-RAS

2.) Basic Bridge Analysis

3.) Basic Culvert Analysis

4.) Advanced Bridge Modeling

5.) Supercritical Flows

6.) Channel Improvements

7.) Floodway Delineation

8.) Unsteady Flow Analysis



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