HEC-HMS - Hydrologic Modeling System

Version 3.4,  August 2009

CD Includes:

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Users Manuals

  • Release Notes

  • Hands-On HEC-HMS Workshops

The Hydrologic Modeling System is designed to simulate the precipitation-runoff processes of dendritic watershed systems. It is designed to be applicable in a wide range of geographic areas for solving the widest possible range of problems. This range includes large river basin water supply and flood hydrology, and small urban or natural watershed runoff. Hydrographs produced by the program are used directly or in conjunction with other software for studies of water availability, urban drainage, flow forecasting, future urbanization impact, reservoir spillway design, flood damage reduction, floodplain regulation, and systems operation.

The program features a completely integrated work environment including a database, data entry utilities, computation engine, and results reporting tools. A graphical user interface allows the user seamless movement between the different parts of the program. Program functionality and appearance are the same across all supported platforms.

Time series, paired, and grid data are stored in the Data Storage System HEC-DSS (HEC,1994). Storage and retrieval of data is handled by the program and is generally transparent to the user. Precipitation and discharge gage information can be entered manually within the program or can be loaded from previously created DSS files. Results stored by the program in the database are accessible by other HEC software.

Data entry can be performed for individual basin elements such as subbasins and stream reaches or simultaneously for entire classes of similar elements. Tables and forms for entering necessary data are accessed from a visual schematic of the basin.

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