HydroPro - Windows Interface for HEC-1 &  HEC-2

Version 2.0.7 August 2003

Download Includes...

  • Programs HydroPro, HEC1, HEC1U, HEC2, & HMR52

  • Documentation

    • HydroPro User's Guide

    • HEC-1 User's Manual

    • HEC-1U Urban Version User's Manual

    • HEC-2 User's Manual

    • HMR52

    • Manning "n" Values (reference)

  • Training Materials (includes workshop files)

    • Hands-On HEC-1 Tutorial & Reference Guide

    • Hands-On HEC-2 Tutorial & Reference Guide



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HydroPro -  a HEC-1 and HEC-2 Windows Interface


HydroPro includes 2 versions of HEC-1 and one version of HEC-2. The standard version of HEC1 from the Corps, and HEC1U (urban version) a modified version from Dodson. HEC1U has been recompiled and is compatible with Windows XP. HydroPro includes example files for both HEC-1 and HEC-2, provided by the Corps and those included with the Hands-On Workshops.

Editing input file data...

HEC-1 and HEC-2 input files are fixed format with a record ID and up to 10 data fields. Field widths are automatically adjusted when a record ID is entered.
A Help window is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Data requirements for the currently "highlighted" field are displayed in this window. You can show and hide this window by selecting Help / Quick Help.

The "Smart Edit" option when toggled on, duplicates the record ID of the line from which the "Insert" or "Append" option is used. This is most useful when multiple records are are being entered.

Data can be "Imported" from other HEC-1 or HEC-2 Files. Input and Output data can be "Exported" as MS Excel, MS Word, Text (tab or comma delimited) files.


Hydrograph plots can be generated from Tape 21 and 22 files. User has full control of Hydrograph display and labeling. Hydrographs for each station can be turned on or off by selecting the "Station ID" located in the right window.

HMR52: Probable Maximum Storm Computation (Eastern U.S.)

Computer program HMR52 computes basin-average precipitation for Probable Maximum Storms (PMS) in accordance with the criteria specified in Hydrometeorological Report No. 52 (National Weather Service, 1982). That Hydrometeorological Report (HMR) describes a procedure for developing a temporal and spatial storm pattern to be associated with the Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) estimates provided in Hydrometeorological Report No. 51, "Probable Maximum Precipitation Estimates - United States East of the 105th Meridian." The U.S. National Weather Service (NWS) has determined the application criteria in a cooperative effort with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

HydroPro User's Guide

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