HydroPro - Windows Interface for HEC-1 &  HEC-2

User's Guide...

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STEP 1 - Select Format HEC-1 or HEC-2

STEP 2 - Create a new input file or open an existing file

STEP 3 - Editing input file data

STEP 4 - Run program

STEP 5 - View / Print Input & Output Files

STEP 6 - View / Print Graphics (only available for HEC-1)


The first time you begin a HydroPro session the following screen will appear...




Select Format

HEC-1 or HEC-2...

HydroPro includes 2 versions of HEC-1. The standard version of HEC1 from the Corps, and HEC1U (urban version) a modified version from Dodson. 



Create a New input file or Open an existing file...

HydroPro includes the example files provided by the Corps and the Dodson Hands-On Workshop files for both HEC-1 and HEC-2

Typical input file extensions used for HEC-1 and HEC-2 are .ih1 and .ih2. Although any file extension can be used.

HydroPro includes example files for both HEC-1 and HEC-2, 

provided by the Corps and those included with the Hands-On Workshops.




Editing input file data...


HEC-1 and HEC-2 input files are fixed format with a command ID and up to 10 data fields.  Field widths are automatically adjusted when a command ID is entered.


On-Line Help

The Help Panel is displayed at the bottom of the screen. Data requirements for the currently "highlighted" field are displayed in this window. This option can be toggled on and off by selecting View / Help Panel or by pressing Ctrl+H.

For detailed information please refer to the 

"Hands-On" Books provided with the HydroPro program.


Field editing options: Cut, Copy, and Paste

Line editing options: Insert, Append, and Delete

The "Smart Edit" option when toggled on, duplicates the record ID of the line from which the "Insert" option is used. This is most useful when multiple command lines are are being entered. In the example on the right, line 111 was inserted and the record ID of QO from line 112 was duplicated. 

Data can be "Imported" from other HEC-1 or HEC-2 Files.


Input data can also be "Exported" as MS Excel, MS Word, Text (tab or comma delimited) files.  



Run program...


a DOS window will appear on the screen displaying runtime status information. 
Note any error messages that are displayed.


View / Print Input & Output Files...

Tape and Punch files can be selected from window on the right.

This button prints Input, Output, and Graphics. Text is compressed to fit on 8.5 X 11 paper.


View / Print Graphics (only available for HEC-1)...

Hydrograph plots can be generated from 

Tape 21 and 22 files.

User has full control of Hydrograph display and labeling ...

Hydrographs for each station can be turned on or off by selecting the "Station ID" located in the right window.

By selecting the "Edit Chart" button the following "Chart Layout" window will appear...
 General Layout Options
  General Layout Options



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