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HEC-UNET:  One-dimensional unsteady flow program

Version 4.0, April 2001 - Includes RUNUNET a Windows User Interface

UNET is a one-dimensional unsteady flow program that can simulate flow in a full network of open channels. UNET was originally written by Dr. Robert L. Barkau. Under an agreement with Dr. Barkau, the Hydrologic Engineering Center maintains HEC-UNET for Corps and public distribution. This release of HEC-UNET began with the development of a new source version that contains both HEC-UNET Version 3.2 and selected forecasting components of the Mississippi Basin Modeling System (MBMS) UNET. Most of the new features found in Version 4.0 were developed for the MBMS. The program files and documentation are dated April 2001.

Computer System Requirements.

HEC-UNET Version 4.0 can be installed on IBM or compatible 386, 486, or Pentium 
microcomputers having the following system characteristics:

* 4 Megabytes (minimum; 8 or more recommended) of free Extended Random Access Memory (RAM)
* MS DOS 3.3 or greater, MS Windows 3.1, MS Windows9x, or MS Windows NT
* At least 8 Mb of available hard disk space (20 Mb or more may be required for execution)
* A math coprocessor (80x87) is required for 386 and 486 SX computers
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