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VERSION/DATE: 1.0 10/01/2004



Documentation: (PDF, 145 pages)

WinTR-20 User Guide (Draft) - July 23, 2004

The WinTR-20 model is a storm event surface water hydrologic model applied at a watershed scale. The model assists in the hydrologic evaluation of flood events for use in the analysis of water resource projects. It can be used to analyze current watershed conditions as well as assess the impact of proposed changes (alternates) made within the watershed. Multiple storms (or rainfall frequencies) can be analyzed within one model run. A summary table for all alternates and storms within the run can be produced. Direct runoff is computed from watershed land areas resulting from synthetic or natural rain events. The runoff is routed through channels and/or impoundments to the watershed outlet.

The WinTR-20 Program System currently consists of four programs (TR-20 model, TR-20 Input converter, TR-20 HEC-RAS profile reformatter, and WinTR-20 System Controller/Editor). The WinTR-20 model and the System Controller/Editor are complete rewrites of the existing TR-20 Project Formulation Hydrology computer model and editor. The TR-20 model, Input Converter program (for older TR-20 input data sets), and the HEC-RAS reformatter are written in ANSI standard Fortran90 and are available as executable files for use on Windows98, NT, 2000 and XP operating systems. The WinTR-20 System Controller/Editor is written in Visual Basic (6.0) and is available for the same operating systems.
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