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 SITES Water Resources Site Analysis Computer Program (replaces DAMS2)

VERSION/DATE: Version 2005




SITES User's Manual

SITES Quick Start Guide

TR-60 Earth Dams & Reservoirs

NRCS Conservation Practice Standard - POND Code 378, NRCS NHCP, October 1987

National Eningeering Handbook:
Part 628 Dams (August 1997)
NEH 628.50 - Earth Spillway Design
NEH 628.51 - Earth Spillway Erosion Model
NEH 628.52 - Headcut Erodibility Index History



DOCUMENTATION (479 Pages): SITES User's Manual 2000 May 2001


The SITES software is a descendent of the SCS DAMS2 program. DAMS2 was a full featured rainfall-runoff routing program developed over an extended time period for use in SCS dam design and analysis. In developing the SITES software, DAMS2 was recoded and the auxiliary (emergency) spillway analysis portion of the program was rewritten and expanded to include new technology for spillway performance evaluation developed through the joint efforts of the Agricultural Research Service and the NRCS.


The auxiliary spillway performance model incorporated into SITES utilizes an iterative application of a three-phase approach to the spillway erosion process. The first phase of the erosion or failure process is the failure of the vegetal cover, if any, and the development of concentrated flow. The second phase is the downward erosion in the area of concentrated flow, resulting in the formation of a headcut. The third phase is the downward and upstream movement of the headcut, with the potential of breaching the spillway. Each of these phases is described in the model by a set of threshold-rate relations based on the mechanics of the process. A headcut erodibility index is introduced to describe the resistance of the exposed geologic materials to erosive attack during phase 3 of the process. Aids for estimating this index are included in the supporting materials available with the program as discussed below.


When applied in design, the model is normally used to evaluate the potential for spillway breach under a freeboard hydrograph having at least 24 hours rainfall duration. In its present form, the program is not able to evaluate rate of breach when a breach is predicted. Evaluation of the potential for extending the model to use for predicting breach rate is presently underway.

Input Interface - (CD contains 32 bit version only)

The beta test version of the input interface is available in either a 32 bit (Windows 95 or NT) or 16 bit (Windows 3.1x) format. The interface is an interactive input routine that develops a control file for use by the SITES program. The present interface is limited to the primary input for a single site (ie: does not handle sites in series). Complete help screens for the interface are included. Primitive graphics for the auxiliary spillway are also included. Work is presently underway to expand the interface so that use of the SITES program becomes fully interactive. This expansion includes adding an output interface and the capability of evaluating sites in series.

Data - A SITES 2000 Sample Project Folder can be installed to the following directory:


Also the HEADCUT ERODIBILITY INDEX CALCULATOR (KhCalc.xls) will be installed with the sample project files.
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