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QUICK-2 - Computation of Water Surface Elevations in Open Channels

VERSION/DATE: 2.0 (August 1997)




Managing Floodplain Development in Approximate A Areas - A Guide for Obtaining and Developing Bas (100-Year) Flood Elevations

QUICK-2 Sample Problems Documentation


QUICK-2 is a user friendly program that assists in the computation of flood Water Surface Elevations (WSEs) in open channels of all types. It is much easier to use than the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) HEC-2 program. However, a QUICK-2 step-backwater file can also be used, as is, with the HEC-2 program, which is also included in the QUICK-2 package of programs. Therefore a HEC-2 output file can be generated with a QUICK-2 input data file, without ever leaving the QUICK-2 environment; and, without having to know how to set-up and run the HEC-2 program.

QUICK-2 was primarily developed to accompany the FEMA technical guidance manual titled, "MANAGING FLOODPLAIN DEVELOPMENT IN ZONE A AREAS - A GUIDE FOR OBTAINING AND DEVELOPING BASE FLOOD ELEVATIONS." That manual is intended to assist local community officials who are responsible for administering and enforcing the floodplain management requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The purpose of that manual is to provide guidance for obtaining and developing base flood (100-year) elevations (BFEs) where Special Flood Hazard Areas (SFHAs) on a community's Flood Hazard Boundary Map (FHBM) or Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) have been identified and designated as Zone A. QUICK-2 will also be useful to community engineers, architect/engineer firms, developers, builders and others at the local level who may be required to develop BFEs for use in Special Flood Hazard Areas.
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