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ProEd: The Dodson Professional Editor





ProEd: The Dodson Professional Editor By Dodson & Associates, Inc.


The Dodson Professional Editor (ProEd) is a unique and advanced data entry computer program which combines the best features of a spreadsheet program and a word processor. ProEd is designed to facilitate the use of the Corps of Engineers' HEC-2 program and several other major civil engineering computer programs. ProEd may also be useful for entering or editing any type of tabular data, or for viewing or editing very large data files.

ProEd divides the computer screen into fields (groups) which correspond to the fields required by HEC-2 and other programs. As each data value Is entered, it is displayed in the correct field and line. 'The program automatically lines up each field of data in the correct columns. In this way, ProEd works much like the popular Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet program. However, ProEd can also be used much like a word processing program for fuu-screen data entry and editing.

Because ProEd is designed especially for data entry and editing, it offers several important advantages over ordinary spreadsheet or word processing programs:

1 . "Ready to use!' Data Formats: ProEd is "pre-programmed" for the data format of HEC-2 and several other popular civil engineering computer programs.

2. 80-column Data: ProEd displays the full 80 columns of data on the screen at once. You don!t have to guess what's in the last few columns, as you do in most ordinary spreadsheet programs.

3. File Compatibility: ProEd stores all its data in ordinary text files, so it uses standard HEC-2 input data files.

4. Help Screens: ProEd can call up hundreds of "Help Screens" which provide guidance on the HEC-2 program. These help screens describe, in detail, the required input data for HEC-2. ProEd can display these special help screens upon request during data entry.

ProEd uses an advanced method of data storage called virtual memory which allows you to edit data files much larger than the RAM memory capacity of your computer. ProEd has a capacity of 64,000 lines of data, each of which can be up to 133 columns in length. Each data entry (or cell) is denoted by a field number and line number. All the lines of data together make up a worksheet.


Important features of ProEd include the following:

1 . 133-Character Lines: The maximum number of characters on each line is 133. This makes ProEd ideal for viewing and printing the output Mes of programs such as HEC-2. Horizontal scrolling is included to allow all 133 columns to be viewed on an 80-column computer screen.

2. Context-Sensitive Help: Over 50 context-sensitive help screens are included. These help screens are available by pressing the F1 Key at almost any time during operation of the ProEd program.

3. Full-Screen Editing, A full-featured Screen Editor format is included to allow ProEd to function in much the same way as a word processor for general editing.

4. Printing. ProEd includes special print routines to control the number of lines printed per page and to correctly print FORTRAN program output.

5. Table Editing: Special table editing commands are available to automatically insert or delete entries into multi-line tables of data, such as HEC-2 GR tables.

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