The following is one of over 75 programs & documentation included with Hydro-CD by Dodson

Printing Solutions for DOS Programs 


The (located in the directory you installed it to) program will redirect the printing of text files from LPT1 to any file that you name. 

Installation: Using the Hydro-CD "Install Program" to a program directory or a directory that is included in the path statement. 

Program Execution: To run prn2file program type from the DOS prompt PRN2FILE file_name (where file_name is the name of the file that you want the print redirected to, i.e. report.txt). The text file created can be viewed/printed from any Windows TEXT editor. Please note that each time you print a report it will be appended to the report.txt file. You can delete the report.txt file after you have printed the file or rename it if you want to save it.


To print graphics when running a DOS program from a Windows DOS shell, press the Print Screen key. The screen image will be sent to the Windows Clipboard where you can paste image into a program such as Word for Windows.
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