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PAS: Preliminary Analysis System For Water Surface Profile Computations





PAS: Preliminary Analysis System For Water Surface Profile Computations July 1988 Developed by: The Hydrologic Engineering Center U.S. Army Corps of Engineers In Cooperation with: The Federal Highway Administration


Operating System: MS DOS 3.1 or higher Minimum Hardware Requirements: IBM Personal Computer or 100% compatible 640K random access memory (RAM) -20 Mb hard disk


The Preliminary Analysis System for Water Surface Profile Computations (PAS) computer program is designed to assist in data development for profile computations. It makes use of the findings of a research project on computed water surface profile accuracy and incorporates features for preliminary hydraulic computations based on limited data. The program enables study of the relationship between desired accuracy for a water surface profile; the technology and accuracy of survey and map data for defining stream geometry; the areal extent of needed data collection; and the cost of acquiring the data. The preliminary hydraulic computations estimate normal, critical, and hydraulic depths and flow area, top width, and similar parameters. The accuracy analysis, data collection needs, and hydraulic computations are based on user-provided preliminary stream geometry and roughness such as would be developed in a field reconnaissance.

PAS is a microcomputer program designed specifically for the interactive PC environment. options are selected and data entry is provided via the keyboard. Graphic displays and hard copy output are selected by pressing function keys. A data base of input data and output results is created and retained for use in subsequent analysis sessions.

The PAS program is maintained and distributed by the Hydrologic Engineering Center, Water Resources Support Center, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, 609 Second Street, Davis, California 95616. This agency should be contacted for any questions regarding its use or availability.
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