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MNPSWP: Modeling of Non-point Source Water Quality in Urban and Non-urban Areas

DOCUMENTATION ONLY (69 Pages) June 1991

Anthony S. Donigian, Jr., AQUA TERRA Consultants Mountain View, California 94093-1004 and Wayne C. Huber, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida 32611-2013, Contract No. 68-03-3513

Project Technical Monitor, Thomas 0. Barnwell, Jr., Assessment Branch Environmental Research Laboratory, Athens, Georgia 30613,ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LABORATORY OFFICE OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, U.S. ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY, ATHENS, GA 30613



Non-point source assessment procedures and modeling techniques are reviewed and discussed for both urban and non-urban land areas. Detailed reviews of specific methodologies and models are presented, along with overview discussions focussing on urban methods and models, and on non-urban (primarily agricultural) methods and models. Simple procedures, such as constant concentration, regression, statistical, and loading function approaches are described, along with complex models such as SWMM, HSPF, STORM, CREAMS, SWRRB, and others. Brief case studies of ongoing and recently completed modeling efforts are described. Recommendations for non-point runoff quality modeling are presented to elucidate expected directions of future modeling efforts.


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