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HyperCalc Plus: English/Metric Units Calculator

HyperCalc Plus provides a convenient means for converting between English and Metric (SI) units. For example the figure above demonstrates that the "Length" Context provides the functionality to convert between five metric units and nine English units. One meter equals 39.370 or 39 and 3/8 inches. Entering a value on the meter side automatically produces the equivalent inches, and vice versa. There are 13 Contexts for common units. In addition there are two specialty groups of units: "Civil Structural" containing 12 contexts including mass, force, pressure, moments, etc. and "Electrical" containing 18 contexts. 

HyperCalc Plus also provides forms for "Transportation" equations including: Sight Distance, Vertical Curve, Vertical Passing Distance, Horizontal Curve, and Passing Distance. Forms for "Drainage" equations include: Continuity, Darcy-Weisbach, Friction Factor, Hazen-Williams, Mannings, Circular Shape Properties, Trapezoid Shape Properties, Rational Formula, and Reynolds Number. 

Extensive help files are included. The application was developed at Utah State University as part of a joint project involving Utah State University, the Utah Department of Transportation, and the Federal Highway Administration. It is provided as Free Ware, no registration or licensing fees are required. Professor William Grenney was the Principal Investigator on the project. 

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