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HY8: Culvert Analysis and Utility Programs Version 7.0 March 16, 2007

OPERATING SYSTEM: DOS (utility programs are Windows based)


DOCUMENTATION: Hydraulic Design Series #5
Report # FHWA-IP-85-15
September 1985 (263 Page)

    HY-8\hy8.exe (DOS)
    HY-8\hy8inpgen.exe (Windows)
    HY-8\hy8viewpc.exe (Windows)
    HY-8\hds5eq.exe (Windows)

HY8 Culvert Analysis Version 6.1

Culvert Analysis automates the design methods described in FHWA publications HDS-5, "Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts," HEC-14, "Hydraulic Design of Energy Dissipators for Culverts and Channels," and HEC-19, "Hydrology." Note - The Energy.exe module of HY8 was updated on 5/6/99

HY8InpGen Version 3.0.3 (022302)

Input File Generator for HY8 (Windows) a Windows program for building an input file for HY8. The software will also run the Balance.exe module of HY8 to produce an output file with a "PC" extension. The 2002 version includes all culvert shapes. HY8InpGen.exe was updated on 4/29/03 to correct problems with the constant and rating curve options of tailwater

HY8PCViewer version 3.0.0 (021802)

Output File Viewer for HY8 (Windows) a Windows program for viewing the output file for HY8.

HDS5EQ Version 1.5b (Beta)

HDS 5 Appendix D Chart Calculator The program provides an interface for electronically calculating the charts found in Appendix D of HDS-5, "Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts." The calculator uses the inlet control equations found in Appendix A. The coefficients used by the program can be viewed in the file Coef1.dat. The calculator may provide a slightly different headwater than HY 8 for similar input values since HY 8 uses polynomial equations for headwater depths from 0.5D to 3D.n
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