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HY-7 WSPRO: Water-Surface Profile Computational Model

VERSION/DATE: HY7 WSPRO32 V200112 (2001)




User's Manual for WSPRO (June 1998) 
A Computer Model for Water Surface Profile Computations
Publication No. FHWA-SA-98-080 
by Office of Technology Applications, Federal Highway Administration

BRIDGE WATERWAYS ANALYSIS MODEL: RESEARCH REPORT Report # FHWA/RD - 86/108 July 1986 U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration


WSPRO computes water-surface profiles for subcritical, critical, or supercritical flow as long as the flow can be reasonably classified as one-dimensional, gradually-varied, steady flow. WSPRO can be used to analyze: (1) open-channel flow; (2) flow through bridges; (3) flow through culverts; (4) embankment overflow; and (5) multiple-opening (two or more separate bridge and (or) culvert structures) stream crossings. WSPRO is designated HY-7 in the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) hydraulics computer program series. A primary objective in developing WSPRO was to provide bridge designers with a highly flexible tool for analyses of alternative bridge openings and (or) embankment configurations. However, WSPRO is equally flexible and suitable for analyses of existing stream crossings. Much of the model's flexibility can be attributed to the data input scheme which, to a great extent, is designed for unformatted, order-independent data. Additional flexibility is provided by propagation of constant data and limited capabilities for synthesizing cross sections. Also, many desirable features from other models were incorporated into WSPRO. The type and quantity of output is to a large extent user-specifiable. Thus WSPRO is a very easy-to-use model, which is generally applicable to water-surface profile analyses for highway design as well as for problems related to flood plain mapping, flood insurance studies, and estimating stage-discharge relationships.
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