HydroCALC Hydraulics for Windows - Channel and Culvert Analysis/Design

VERSION/DATE: 2.0.1 Full Version (9/2010)

OPERATING SYSTEM: 32 bit Windows (compatible with Windows 7 & 64 Bit)


DOCUMENTATION - On-line Help File supplied with program

See documentation for HYDROCALC Hydraulics DOS version.


This package includes four easy-to-use programs with accurate and widely- accepted methods of analyzing channels and culverts:

1) Trapezoidal Channel Analysis Program

2) Box Culvert Analysis Program

3) Circular Channel Analysis Program

4) Pipe Culvert Analysis Program

HYDROCALC Hydraulics is ideal for designing drainage channels and all types of culverts, including road crossings and detention basin outlets.

This library of programs features:

A. Water Surface Profile Computations Programs compute Standard Step water-surface profile for sub-critical flow in trapezoidal or circular channels.

B. Normal and Critical Depth Computations for Channels - Flow velocity, velocity head, Froude Number, and more.

C. Rating Curve Computations for Channels - Computes channel capacity (flow rate) for a range of flow depths.

D. Culvert Analysis Using FHWA Methods - Computes inlet and outlet control headwater elevations for specified flow rate.

English or Metric units can be used. 

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows '95, NT or 3.1

NOTE: The following changes were made to version 1.2a to make version 1.2b.

Corrected the coefficient table...
- CoefUnit.Pas:
Corrected 2 values in the the Manning's N Table.
The correct values are shown below.
* Only the Minimum N-Values are affected.
Lined or Built-Up Channels:
  Gravel Bottom with Sides of...
    Random stone in mortar
      Minimum = 0.020 *
      Normal = 0.023
      Maximum = 0.026
    Dry Rubble or Riprap
      Minimum = 0.023 *
      Normal = 0.033
      Maximum = 0.036


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