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HEC-ResSim: Reservoir System Simulation

VERSION: 3.0, April 2007


DEVELOPER: Hydrologic Engineering Center of the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers (HEC)


HEC-ResSim Quick Start Guide

HEC-ResSim User's Manual


HEC-ResSim has been designed and developed by the HEC to perform Reservoir System Simulation. It is intended to meet the needs of real-time reservoir regulators for a decision support tool, as well as the needs of modelers doing reservoir projects studies. The first releases (Versions 1.0 and 1.1) of ResSim were within the water control management community of the Corps. Their reviews, experience, and feature requests have helped make ResSim a powerful tool for reservoir operations modeling.

The features of ResSim include:

1. A map based schematic development environment.

2. A complex reservoir element that can include multiple dams and outlets.

3. An operations scheme that can define the reservoir's operating goals and constraints in terms of pool zones and zone dependent rules.

4. A set of operation rule types that include:

a. Release Requirements and Constraints

b. Downstream Control Requirements and Constraints

c. Pool Elevation or Inflow Rate-of-Change Limits

d. Hydropower Requirements

e. Induced Surcharge (Emergency Gate Operation)

5. Operation of multiple reservoirs for a common downstream control, including storage balancing.

6. Powerful alternative builder to allow for a wide range of "what if" analysis.

7. Computation timesteps from 15min to 1day.

8. Release Overrides of the reservoir's release decisions timestep by timestep.

9. Configurable plots.

10. Summary Reports and a Release Decision Report.

11. HEC-DSS for storage of input and output data.

12. HEC-DSSVue for access to all computed results.

13. Familiar Windows look and feel.


HEC-ResSim is supported on the following computer operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 2000
Microsoft Windows XP


Make sure that your computer has at least the following recommended hardware before you install the HEC-ResSim software.

This version of HEC-ResSim will run on a microcomputer that has the following:

1. Microcomputer with a Pentium III (or equivalent) processor or higher
2. A hard disk with at least 1 gigabytes (Gb) of free space.
3. A CD-ROM drive.
4. 256 MB of RAM.
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