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HEC-FDA: Flood Damage Analysis Package 

VERSION/DATE: Version 1.2, March 2000





Since the last release of the HEC-FDA software (Version 1.1, September) we have found and fixed several bugs.


1. Project Performance Reports - the current version of HEC-FDA is reporting the 0.75% event conditional stage for the 1% event conditional stage. A fix has been made which corrects this problem, since the 1% event exceedance can be used for levee certification this fix could impact district results for levee certification.

2. Negative Stage Values - a fix for entering negative stage values associated with a graphical stage-exceedance probability function was made.

3. Flat Damage-Exceedance Probability Functions - the HEC-FDA program uses the discharge-exceedance probability, stage-discharge, and stage-damage functions to compute a damage-exceedance probability relationship during the calculation of expected annual damage (EAD). If the damage-exceedance probability function is flat, such as the result of regulated flows or flat terrain, the program reports an error. In Version 1.2, a fix was made to correctly handle a flat damage-exceedance probability function.

4. Study Water Surface Profiles - removed of a warning message from this dialog.


The Hydrologic Engineering Center Flood Damage Analysis (HEC-FDA) computer program provides state-of-the-art analysis for formulating and evaluating flood damage reduction plans using risk-based analysis methods. It is one of HECís "Next Generation" (NexGen) of hydrologic engineering and water resources planning software. The NexGen project encompasses: rainfall-runoff analysis (HEC-HMS), river hydraulics (HEC-RAS), reservoir system analysis (HEC-RSS), flood damage analysis (HEC-FDA), and real-time river forecasting for reservoir operations. The NexGen software has WINDOWS style user interfaces and operates on multiple platforms including Windows NT, Windows 95, and UNIX-based platforms. The HEC-FDA program replaces HECís previous PC version Flood Damage Analysis package containing programs SID, SIDEDT, FDA2PO and EAD (April 1994). The new EC-FDA program contains enhanced versions of all their features plus risk-based analysis procedures for formulating and evaluating flood damage reduction measures.

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