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FLDWY (TR-64): Floodway Determination Computer Program





Technical Release 64 was prepared by hydraulic engineers from the Soil Conservation Service (SCS) Central Technical Unit, Glenn Dale, Maryland. It was approved by personnel of the SCS Engineering Division, Washington, D.C., and the SCS regional technical service centers. Issued June 1978


The Floodway Determination (FLDWY) computer program is used to determine the floodway for flood hazard and flood insurance studies. It is a revision of and replacement for previous HUD-15 programs. This technical release contains user instructions for the FLDWY program. It will assist engineers in preparing the input and in interpreting the results.

The SCS Floodway Determination (FLDWY) computer program is used to calculate a floodway at given cross sections along a stream. For this program a floodway is defined as the minimum width at a cross section that is required to carry the selected (generally l00-year) flood with a specified increase in the water surface elevation. The procedure in the program is based on the equal conveyance reduction concept. No encroachment or narrowing of the channel is allowed. For multiple
channels, any overbank segment between channel segments is considered part of the channel. This program does not compute floodways at road sections.
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