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HEC-DSSVue - HEC Data Storage System Visual Utility Engine

VERSION/DATE: Version 1.0.14, 10/03


DOCUMENTATION: User's Manual, Version 1.0, January 2003


HEC-DSSVue (Hydrologic Engineering Center Data Storage System Visual Utility Engine) is a graphical user interface program for viewing, editing, and manipulating data in HEC-DSS database files. With HEC-DSSVue, you may plot, tabulate, and edit data, as well as manipulate data with over fifty mathematical functions. Along with these functions, HEC-DSSVue provides several utility functions that allow you to enter data sets into a database, rename data set names, copy data sets to other HEC-DSS database files, and delete data sets.

Typically, you will select data sets from a sorted / filtered list of names in a HEC-DSS database file using a mouse. HEC-DSSVue also incorporates the "Jython" standard scripting language, which allows you to specify a routine sequence of steps in a text format, and then execute the sequence from a userdefined button or from a "batch" process.

HEC-DSSVue was written using the Java programming language, which allows it to be run under a variety of different operating systems. Fully supported systems include Microsoft Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP, and Sun Solaris (Unix). HEC-DSSVue has been installed on RedHat Linux and other systems. Contact HEC for the availability of these.


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