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DAMS2 (TR-48): Project Formulation - Structure Site Analysis

VERSION/DATE: Version 1/1/90




DAMS2: Project Formulation - Structure Site Analysis, User's Guide, R.E. Maclay, Soil Conservation Service, Washington, D.C., 10 March 1971


DAMS2 is a revision of a computer program (DAMS, issued November 1967) that facilitates the hydraulic and hydrologic analyses of floodwater retarding structure sites. The program uses the sites storage-discharge capacities to floodroute inflow hydrographs through a potential reservoir. Storage and discharge capacity may be computed by the program or loaded as input data. Inflow hydrographs may be actual or developed from any storm rainfall distribution. The program will compute embankment quantities if desired. The input data for a job is printed out as it is loaded and edited for such things as invalid characters in the data fields, missing data required, for a run, and unreasonably large or small data values where possible. A liberal amount of user options and program control are provided for greater application flexibility.


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