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A Guide to Computer Software Tools for Culvert Design and Analysis (book only)

VERSION/DATE: November 1999

DEVELOPER: United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service - Technology & Development Program

DOCUMENT: 27 Pages

AUTHORS: Kemset Moore, Hydrologist, E.I.T., Michael J. Furniss, Hydrologist, Sam A. Flanagan, Geologist, Michael A. Love, E.I.T., Six Rivers National Forest Pacific Southwest Region, Jeff Moll, P.E., Senior Project Leader, San Dimas Technology and Development Center San Dimas, California

DESCRIPTION: This guide is a snapshot of information on software tools for culvert design and analysis gathered as of June 1998. Tables are provided for comparison of software features and costs. Appendices include a glossary of terms and notations and a decision matrix with selected criteria.
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