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RUSLE2 Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, Version 2 Jan-05

Distributor: USDA-Agricultural Research Service

Documentation (PDF, 415 pages)

User's Manual - June 1, 2003

Science Documentation - January 1, 2005

Power Point Slides (see... RUSLE2\RUSLE2_slide_set_051603.ppt)

RUSLE2 estimates rates of rill and interrill soil erosion caused by rainfall and its associated overland flow. Detachment (separation of soil particles from the soil mass) by surface runoff erodes small channels (rills) across the hillslope. Erosion that occurs in these channels is called rill erosion. Erosion on the areas between the rills, the interrill areas, is called interrill erosion. Detachment on interrill areas is by the impact of raindrops and waterdrops falling from vegetation. The detached particles (sediment) produced on interrill areas is transported laterally by thin flow to the rill areas where surface runoff transports the sediment downslope to concentrated flow areas (channels).

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