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Hydraulics Formulas

VERSION: 2.1.4, March 2003


DEVELOPERS: This program was originally developed for the computer by USDA-NRCS Ohio as part of the Ohio Engineering Programs, developed by Clint Liezert. Source code was obtained from OhioNRCS as the basis for this version. This program was adapted to run in Windows by Nelson Consulting, Streamwood, Ill. under agreement with USDA-NRCS in Illinois.



This program contains solutions to the hydraulic equations that are frequently encountered on soil and water conservation activities. All of these solutions are presented in a graphical form that more readily displays the inputs and solutions. Printed reports are available from all of the hydraulic solutions that will satisfy most documentation requirements.

Users will need to copy their state's rainfall table from TR-55, EFM2 or EFH2 into the Hydraulics formula installation folder in order for their state's counties to show on the printout. Otherwise, Illinois counties are listed.

Users all must do the following:

1.) Copy one of the following files to

C:\Program Files\USDA\Hydraulics Formulas

county.xx file from either the old EFM2 or TR55
DOS programs (xx is the state abbreviation)
county.rf file from the new EFH2 program,
if installed

2.) With a text editor delete the header row in the text file
just copied (the Hydraulics program generates an error
message if the header row is present)

3.) Rename the modified file as "rain.txt", replacing the
one installed in the installation process

Hydraulics Formula program doesn't use the rainfall values, just the county names. However, the rainfall values must be present for the program to be able to read the file.
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