Hydro-CD 9th Edition by Dodson













Complete List of Programs


  • Over 75 storm water resources related programs

  • All documentation in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

  • Seven new programs

  • Updates to six programs

  • Easy program selection, installation and document viewing

  • Technical Support for program installation (via email)

Important: Solution for running DOS programs with current operating systems and PC's: 



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Hydro-CD Technical Support Policy

Technical support is limited to program installation and document viewer problems only, and is provided via EMAIL.

Product License Statement

Hydro-CD programs and documentation can be installed on multiple computers and/or run from a network file server at a single office location. All Government Developed software contained on the CD are public domain and have no restrictions for copies once they are installed from the CD. Dodson's Hydro-CDs are copyrighted and cannot be copied. Additional copies of CDs can be purchased from Dodson. 

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