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Dodson & Associates, Inc.

US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC):

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS): ...formerly SCS

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

National Weather Service (NWS):

US Geological Survey (USGS):

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA):

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

USDA Forest Service

Bureau of Land Management (BLM):


Dodson & Associates, Inc

HYDROCALC Hydraulics for Windows: Channel and Culvert Analysis/Design

HYDROCALC Hydrology: Runoff Computation/Detention Basin Design (DOS)

RAINGAGE: Rainfall Data Conversion (DOS)

ProED: Dodson's Professional Editor (DOS)

TrimTextCol (text file utility program) <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC):

Please Note: HEC-RAS, -HMS, and HydroPro for Windows ( HEC-1, HEC-1U & HEC-2 ) are included with our ProHEC-CD.

COED: Corps of Engineers Editor (DOS)  

HEC-1: Flood Hydrograph Package (DOS)

HEC-2: Flood Plain Analysis (DOS)

HEC-5: Simulation of Flood Control and Conservation (DOS recompiled version runs on XP) ...See HEC-ResSim below

HEC-6: Scour And Deposition In Rivers And Reservoirs (DOS recompiled version runs on XP)

HEC-DSS: Data Storage System (DOS includes GSS graphic drivers)

HEC-DssVue: HEC Data Storage System Visual Utility Engine

HEC-DSS MS Excel Data Exchange Add-In

HEC-FDA Windows: Flood Damage Analysis Package

HEC-FFA: Flood Frequency Analysis (DOS)

HEC-GSS: Graphics drivers for HEC-DSS (DOS)

HEC-ResSim: Reservoir System Simulation <<< Updated Version

HMR 52: Probable Max. Storm (Eastern U.S.) and includes PMP HMR51 & 52 books (DOS)

PAS: Preliminary Analysis System For Water Surface Profile Computations  

RAS2UNET: HEC-RAS to UNET input file converter

UNET: One Dim. Unsteady Flow Through A Full Network Of Open Channels 

WQRRS: Water Quality for River Reservoirs Systems

Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS): ...formerly SCS

DAMS2 (TR-48): Project Formulation - Structure Site Analysis, User's Guide

EFH2 - Hydrology (Engineering Handbook Chapter 2)  

FLDWY (TR-64): Floodway Determination Computer Program

Hydraulic Formulas

PONDS: – Planning, Design, Construction - USDA Handbook #590 (book)

SITES: Water Resources Site Analysis Computer Program (replaces DAMS2) <<< Updated Version

TR-19: Reservior Operation Study Computer Program (RESOP)

Win TR-20: Computer Program For Project Formulation Hydrology <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

WinTR-55: Urban Hydrology for Small Watersheds

WRAS: WSP2 to HEC-RAS Conversion Program

 USDA Forest Service / Agricultural Research Service

Culvert Software Guide (book)

RUSLE2: Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA):

EPANET: Water Distribution System Analysis

HSPF: Hydrologic Simulation Program

MNPSWQ: Modeling of Non-point Source Water Quality (book)

National Weather Service (NWS):


CROSS: Cross Section Reduction Plot Program and CRS: Utility To Convert Hec-2/Unet Files To Cross Format

DAMBRK: A Dam-Break Flood Forecasting Model, includes SMPDBK, BREACH, & DWOPER (see FLDWAV)

US Geological Survey (USGS):

ANNIE: A Computer Program for Interactive Hydrologic Data Management  

CAP: Culvert Analysis Program

CGAP: Channel Geometry Analysis Program

HSPEXP: E-xpert System for Calibration of HSPF <<< Updated Version

IOWDM: Input and Output for a Watershed Data Management

Manning “n” Values: (book)

MEASERR: Determination Of Error In Individual Discharge Measurements

NCALC: Manning’s N Value Calculation Program

NFF: National Flood Frequency Program

PEAKFQ: Flood-Frequency Analysis (Bulletin 17B) <<< Updated Version

PRMS: Precipitation-Runoff Modeling System

SAC: Slope-Area Computation Program  

SWSTAT: Surface-Water Statistics 

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA):

DAMP: Highway Sub-Drainage Design By Microcomputer

HDS 5: Nomograph Calculator <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

HY-7  WSPRO: Water-Surface Profile Computational Model

HY-8: Hydraulic Design Of Highway Culverts <<< Updated Version

HY8Energy: Energy Dissipator Design Software <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

HY-9: Scour at Bridges

HY-22: Visual Urban Drainage Design Program <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

HYRISK: Assessing the risk of scour failure for bridges subject to scour.  <<< New Hydro-CD Addition

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

CHECK-2: Verify HEC-2 project files.

CHECK-RAS: HEC-RAS automated review program.

QUICK-2: Managing Floodplain Development in Zone A Areas

RASPLOT: Flood Profiles Plotting Program <<< Updated Version

Bureau of Land Management (BLM):

XSPRO: A Channel Cross-Section Analyzer


HyperCalc Plus: English/Metric Units Calculator

GVPROF:  Open Channel Calculator - Trapezoidal Channels for Windows

PRN2FILE: DOS printing utility

SMADA: Stormwater Management and Design Aid

SWITCH: WSPRO <> HEC-2 Conversion

THYSYS CULVERT: Texas Hydraulics System Culvert Design

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