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Please Note: HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-GeoHMS and ArcHydro are sets of procedures, tools, and utilities for processing geospatial data in ArcView GIS for HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS, and require ArcView and ArcGIS Extensions. The latest version of HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, HEC-GeoRAS, and HEC-GeoHMS are included on Dodson's ProHEC-CD .

Description: C:\Temp\www.dodson (Normal)\software\arcview\arcgislogo.gifArcView provides geographic data visualization, query, analysis, and integration capabilities along with the ability to create and edit geographic data. ArcView is designed with an easy-to-use interface. ArcView consists of three desktop applications: ArcMap and ArcCatalog. ArcMap provides data display, query, and analysis. ArcCatalog provides geographic and tabular data management, creation, and organization.

ArcView and the following extensions are required for HEC-GeoRAS, HEC-GeoHMS and ArcHydro.

ArcGIS 3D Analyst provides powerful and advanced visualization, analysis, and surface generation tools. The user can view large datasets from multiple viewpoints, query a surface, and create realistic perspective images. Users can also drape raster and vector data over a surface, and extrude two-dimensional features to three dimensions using attribute data.

ArcGIS Spatial Analyst provides a broad range of powerful spatial modeling and analysis features. The user can create, query, map, and analyze cell-based raster data; perform integrated raster/vector analysis; derive new information from existing data; query information across multiple data layers; and fully integrate cell-based raster data with traditional vector data sources.

Support Provided by ESRI: The first year of maintenance and support in included with product purchase.

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