HEC-RAS - River Analysis System

Version 4.1 January 2010

CD Includes: 

  • User's Manuals

  • Release Notes

  • Hands-On HEC-RAS Workshops

  • Manning "n" Values (reference)


HEC-RAS is the Windows-based computer program that replaces HEC-2. HEC-RAS was developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center in Davis, CA. HEC-RAS incorporates several aspects of hydraulic modeling, including water surface profile computations, bridge hydraulics, one-dimensional steady flow, and unsteady flow simulation.

The HEC-RAS system contains four one-dimensional river analysis components for: (1) steady flow water surface profile computations; (2) unsteady flow simulation; (3) movable boundary sediment transport computations; and (4) water quality analysis. A key element is that all four components use a common geometric data representation and common geometric and hydraulic computation routines. In addition to the four river analysis components, the system contains several hydraulic design features that can be invoked once the basic water surface profiles are computed.

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