ProHEC-CD 8th Edition

Features  HEC-1, HEC-2, HEC-HMS & HEC-RAS

ProHEC-CD provides both Windows and DOS versions of these popular hydrology and hydraulic modeling programs by U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC).

Overview of Hydrology & Hydraulic Models to view

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All documentation contained on this CD is in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format, and has the full viewing, word search, and printing capabilities provided with Adobe Acrobat Reader (a freeware program).

Technical Support included with purchase of ProHEC-CD...

Technical Support Information - Level 2 support for HEC-HMS, HEC-RAS, HEC-1, and HEC-2 is included with purchase of this CD and will be provided as long as this is the most current release of this CD.

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Product License Statement...

ProHEC-CD programs and documentation can be installed on multiple computers and/or run from a network file server at a single office location. All HEC and other government developed software contained on the Hydro-CD are public domain and have no restrictions for copies once they are installed from the CD. Dodson's ProHEC-CD is copyrighted and cannot be copied. Additional copies of this CD can be purchased from Dodson.


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