National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES)

S t o r m   W a t e r   P e r m i t   C o m p l i a n c e

 Construction, General and Municipal Topics

Seminar on CD by Dodson

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Recorded Live in Atlanta, Georgia - December 2007

The NPDES Seminar CD series provides practical and realistic measures for complying with the EPA's most recent requirements for storm water discharge permits issued for industrial and construction activities, and for municipalities. This CD series consists of two CDs (sold separately), one focusing on Construction topics and the other focusing on Industrial topics. Both CDs include General and Municipal topics.  

Instructor: Craig T. Maske, P.E.

Seminar Topics

Topics covered ...

Course Introduction (18 min)

1. General Regulations (35 min)

2. General Definitions (27 min)

3. General TMDL Studies (16 min)

4. General Enforcement (31 min)

5. Construction (44 min)

6. Construction SWPPP (58 min)

7. Construction Guidelines for ESCs (22 min)

8. Construction Other SWPP Measures (17 min)

9. Municipal Permits-Intro (27 min)

10. Municipal Plans (36 min)

                Total Session Time = 5 hours 31 Minutes    

Class Materials included on CD

  • Seminar Slide Handouts (3 b/w slides per page with lines for notes)

    • General (Sessions Intro & 1 - 4)

    • Construction (Sessions 5 - 8)

    • Municipal (Sessions 9 & 10)

  • Developing Your SWPPP: A Guide for Construction Sites (EPA May 07)

  • Example Construction SWPPP (EPA Sept. 07)


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