GIS in Water Resources

Instructor: David R. Maidment, P.E.

Seminar on CD by Dodson

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Geographic Information System technology, more commonly referred to as GIS, has been used for many years to develop solutions to water resource problems. Assessing water quality, determining water availability, preventing flooding, understanding the natural environment, and managing water resources on a local or regional scale are just some of the tools discussed.

This continuing education course is made up of twelve sessions from lectures that David Maidment presents during his graduate level course entitled GIS in Water Resources. The sessions contained on this CD were recorded during the Fall of 2002 at the University of Texas at Austin. David is also the Director of the Center for Research in Water Resources at the University.

Most of this course focuses on the information contained in two books, Arc Hydro and Modeling Our World, and the GIS software package ArcGIS. Both the books and software are available from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) located in Redlands, California.

This Seminar on CD is geared towards those wanting to learn about the basics of GIS and how it can be used as a vital tool in the field of water resources.

Class materials included on this CD are slide handouts that can be printed and used for taking notes during a session, and a quiz that can be completed to earn continuing education units.

This CD also includes links to “Data Sources on the Internet”. This is an excellent resource for locating a specific type of data that you may need for a project. A link is also provided to the latest edition of GIS Hydro, a website that includes exercises used during my GIS in Water Resources graduate course, along with the term papers produced by students in that course, and the digital Library where we present digital copies of reports and theses of research pertaining to the application of GIS in Water Resources.

Session Topics:

  • Introduction to GIS in Water Resources

  • Introduction to ArcGIS

  • Data sources for GIS in Water Resources

  • Geodesy, Map Projections and Coordinate Systems

  • Networks in GIS

  • DEM's, Watershed and Stream Network Delineation

  • Floodplain Mapping Using TIN’s

  • Time and Space

  • Arc Hydro and Modeling

  • Bringing "it" all together!? XML and Integration Issues

  • Airborne LIDAR (3D scan of land)

  • Non-point Source Pollution (a case study)

Sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes in length.