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River Analysis System

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HEC-RAS by the US Army Corps of Engineers Hydrologic Engineering Center is a computer program for modeling water flowing through systems of open channels and computing water surface profiles. HEC-RAS finds particular commercial application in floodplain management and flood insurance studies to evaluate floodway encroachments. Some of the additional uses are: bridge and culvert design and analysis, levee studies, and channel modification studies. It can be used for dam breach analysis, though other modeling methods are presently more widely accepted for this purpose.

The main goal of this course is to provide an understanding of the basic functions of the HEC-RAS program and how to use it efficiently.  This is accomplished through a combination of slideshow lecture sessions and workshops. Lectures will cover the basic concepts, program options, user interface, data requirements, output review, and case studies. Workshops provide a hands-on experience for the user.

Seminar Instructor

Instructor: Matthew K. Zeve, P.E., CFM

Seminar Topics

  • Introduction to Course

  • HEC-RAS Overview

  • Stream Hydraulics

  • Basic HEC-RAS Analysis

  • Basic Bridge Analysis

  • Basic Culvert Analysis

  • Floodway Delineation

  • Introduction to Unsteady Flow Analysis

        Total Session Time = 2 hours

Class Materials

  • Slideshow with audio (2 hours)

  • Slide Handouts

  • Hands-on HEC-RAS Workshop Guide (5 workshops)

  • Workshop files and solutions


Hands-On Workshops Guide:

The purpose of these workshops is to walk you through the process of creating and executing a detailed model in HEC-RAS. Several of the workshop models are “un-finished” and the guide recreates the steps to give you a good hands-on introduction to the program. Although we will be dealing with models of very small stream systems, the steps used are exactly the same as when dealing with very large complex systems.

Workshop 1: Basic HEC-RAS

  • Entering Geometric Data

  • Entering Steady Flow Data

  • Performing Hydraulic Calculations

  • Viewing Results

Workshop 2: Basic Bridge Analysis.

  • Creating Levees

  • Entering Deck/Roadway Data

  • Entering Pier Data

  • Creating Ineffective Flow Areas

  • Bridge Modeling Approach

Workshop 3: Basic Culvert Analysis

  • Entering Culvert Data

  • Determining Proper Cross Section Placement

  • Cross Section Interpolation

Workshop 4: Floodway Delineation

Workshop 5: Unsteady Flow Analysis

  • Creating Storage Areas, Hydraulic Connections, and Lateral Weirs

  • Lateral Structure Connections

  • Storage Area Connections

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