Hands-On HEC-1

Includes Introductions to HEC-HMS, HEC-GeoHMS and LIDAR Data

Seminar on CD by Dodson

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This Hands-On HEC-1  course is a comprehensive introduction to Watershed Modeling using HEC-1 and also includes brief introductions to HEC-HMS, HEC-GeoHMS, and LIDAR Data.

Instructor: Andrew C. "Andy" Yung, P.E.

Session Topics

Session 1: Basic Concepts of Hydrology 

Session 2: HEC-1 Introduction and Input/Output Data 

Session 3: HEC-1 Precipitation Options

Session 4: HEC-1 Loss Computations

Session 5: Unit Hydrograph Computations

Session 6: Stream Flow Routing and Diversion

Session 7: Reservoir and Detention Basin Analysis

Session 8: Dam Safety and Dam Failure Analysis

Session 9: Calibration of HEC-1 Input Parameters

Session 10: Using HEC-1 For Urban Runoff Analysis

        Total Session Time = 1 hour 40 Minutes      

*Bonus Information*

Introduction to HEC-HMS (28 min.)

Introduction and Practical Application of HEC-GeoHMS (49 min.)

Introduction to LIDAR Data (45 min.)     

Class Materials included on CD

  • Hands-On HEC-1 (book - includes chapter workshops)
    A reference guide that goes beyond the information provided with the Standard Corps of Engineers' Computer Programs. This book is fully indexed and illustrated for the occasional user as well as the frequent user. Easy-to-follow format includes topic discussion and examples, followed by a workshop problem. A complete solution and discussion is provided for each workshop problem. Workshops are useful for self-teaching, and provide users with experience in preparing input data, running the program, and interpreting output results.

  • HydroPro for Windows (Dodson's Windows interface for HEC-1 and HEC-2)

  • HEC-1 and HEC-1U (installed with the HydroPro program)

  • HMR52: Probable Maximum Storm Computation - Eastern U.S. (installed with the HydroPro program)

  • Seminar Slide Handouts (3 b/w slides per page with lines for notes)


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