Dam Safety and Rehabilitation

...an Introductory Course

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Portions of seminar were recorded January 2008 live in Scottsdale, AZ

Required: Sound card, speakers and/or headphones 


This CD contains the same class materials provided with the live seminars.  Class materials are provided in Adobe® Acrobat®  PDF file format, and can be viewed on-line or printed out. A printed copy of the handout is useful to have for taking notes while viewing slides.

Seminar Instructors

  • Christopher A. "Chris" Johnson, P.E., CFM 

  • Andrew C. "Andy" Yung, P.E., CFM

Seminar Overview

With the nation’s aging infrastructure becoming more and more a focus of serious attention, concerns over dams across the United States are beginning to arise.  Many involved with design, operation, and maintenance of dams may not realize their legal responsibilities.  Who is responsible for maintaining existing dams?  What are the causes of a dam failure?  What are the consequences of a failure?  Who is responsible if a dam fails?  What can be done to prevent failure?  How is a dam inspection performed?

The objectives of this seminar will be to identify the current status of existing dams in the United States, to learn the basic fundamentals of performing a dam safety inspection, to learn how to perform a dam safety analysis, and to identify various rehabilitation practices.

Topics to be covered in this seminar will include a history of dams, and overview of dam safety criteria in the United States, identifying the consequences of failure, determining the safety of existing dams, and developing techniques for rehabilitating aging dam structures.

Participants will leave this seminar with a better understanding of the principles necessary to identify and mitigate the risks associated with a potential dam failure.  They will be better able to identify potential problems in an existing dam, perform dam safety and dam failure analyses, and identify means to rehabilitate a deteriorating structure.

Seminar Topics

  • Session 1: Introduction (12 min.)

  • Session 2: Purpose & History (20 min.)

  • Session 3: Types (27.5 min.)

  • Session 4: Current Status (26 min.)

  • Session 5: Legislation & Liability (33.5 min.)

  • Session 6: Liability (expanded discussion) (16 min.)

  • Session 7: Criteria (13 min.)

    • Workshop 1 (4 min.)

  • Session 8: Failure (33 min.)

  • Session 9: Inspection (27 min.)

  • Session 10: Deficiencies (21 min.)

    • Workshop 2 (2 min.)

  • Session 11: Hydrology (13 min.)

    • Workshop 3 (7 min.)

  • Session 12: Emergency Action Plan (23 min.)

    • Workshop 4 (8 min.)

  • Session 13: Rapid Response (23.5)

  • Session 14: Rehabilitation Issues (8 min.)

  • Session 15: Challenges Ahead (13.5 min.)

  • Session 16: NRCS Case Study (8 min.)

  • Session 17: Problems & Remedies (5 min.)

  • Session 18: Geotech Assessment (7.5 min.)

  • Session 19: More Case Studies (11 min.)

  • Session 20: Security (12 min.)

  • Session 21: Lack of Funding... Survey Results (15 min.)

        Total Session Time = 6 hours 30 Minutes

Class Materials

  • Class Handout includes...

    • Slides Handout (3 slides per page)

    • Attachments

      • State Statistics & Safety Reg. (2000 & 2004)

      • Stories of Dam Failure

      • Inspection Forms

      • Emergency Table

      • Deficiencies Workshop

      • Technical Memorandum

      • List of Dam Safety Organizations

      • Bibliography

  • Spreadsheet for Workshop 3 Equations (requires Microsoft Excel) 

  • Emergency Action Guidelines  Directory (requires Microsoft Excel) 

  • Additional Publications

    • Concrete Repair

    • Sedimentation in Dams

    • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Publications

      • General Requirements

      • Operating Manual

      • Gravity Dams

      • Embankment Dams

      • Emergency Action Plan