Continuing Education Approval Information for State P.E. Boards

IMPORTANT: Check with your State's P.E. Board for requirements.

Over 30 U.S. states require continuing education for engineers to maintain licensure, with several others have new regulations pending. Currently the states that require pre-approved continuing education providers are: Florida, Louisiana, New York, and North Carolina. Please Note: eSeminar-Courses not pre-approved by any State.

Other than the four states listed above, none of the state boards have a program in place to pre-approve specific course providers or specific courses.  It is the engineer's responsibility to determine whether an activity meets the guidelines set forth by the state board.

The state boards typically accept a continuing education activity that meets the following criteria:

·         "A course or activity whose purpose and objective are clear with a content that will maintain, improve or expand the skills and knowledge of the licensee’s field of practice." Additionally, many states require that the course consist of "technical, ethical or managerial content relevant to the practice of engineering."

·         Correspondence, distance learning and internet courses are accepted by all the states that require continuing education activities provided that the course meets the Board's requirements and provided that completion of the course can be independently verified.

·         The state boards consider completion of a course to be independently verified if you must take and pass a quiz to successfully complete the course, the quiz is graded and the results are kept on file by the course provider for a prescribed length of time (the number of years varies for each state).

Record Keeping

It is generally the engineer's responsibility to maintain records of continuing education activities and to submit the records to the board upon request.

North Carolina and Florida are the only two states that require course providers to submit records to the state board.

Online courses are accepted for credit if completion of the course can be independently verified which requires that the course provider maintain a record of successful course completion for a prescribed length of time.

IMPORTANT: Check with your state's P.E. Board for requirements.